inca berries

The Incaberry is indigenous to the high altitude tropical regions of South America. This exotic and delicious fruit will not only tantalise your taste buds, but its array of health benefits puts it in a class of its own.

inca berrySimilar to a Cape Gooseberry, the Incaberry is a small fruit with a glossy orange-yellow skin that is surrounded by papery leaves. Once the fruit is dried it has a distinctive bronze orange colour. Incaberries are an amazing taste sensation - sweet with a fine and delicate sour finish. The taste is so unique, you just have to try them.


How to enjoy them

cheese platter

Incaberries are more commonly consumed as a dried fruit. Incaberries can be enjoyed alone or mixed with other fruits in salads. Try them in muesli and cereals for an antioxidant boost. Or simply add this South American twist to the classic cheese platter. The berries are exquisite when covered in milk or dark chocolate or when used as in ingredient in delicious cakes or exotic desserts.

dried incaberries sample

Love to bake? A unique and distinctive ingredient, dried Incaberries are ideal for breads, cakes, muffins, biscuits, slices, scones, health bars and confectionery. Don't forget to use them in your Christmas cake and puddings. They can also be used in pastes, jams, and sauces. Incaberries are just sensational with chocolate. Try them in anything with chocolate, in slices, fudges, brownies, tortes, cakes, pastries and desserts.

Dried Incaberries don't stick together like other dried fruits and are free flowing product able to be easily packed and sold as snacks and in mixed nut and fruit packs.


Health Benefits of the Incaberry

Incaberries are the South American superfood, nature's nutritional powerhouse. Recent studies found these Incaberries to have an antioxidant capacity higher than Gojiberries and other major dried fruits. Dried Incaberries are very high in fibre with 19g fibre per 100g or 8g in a ¼ cup (45g). This is more fibre than 1 cup of a high fibre breakfast cereal or a salad sandwich on wholegrain bread.

fibre chart
* Source: Australian Government National
        Measurement Institute test results.

But more importantly Incaberries contain soluble fibre necessary for controlling appetite and reducing cholesterol re-absorption in the intestine. They contain a wide range of nutrients including vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus and are naturally low in sodium.

    Qty per 100g
Energy   1220kJ
Protein   7.3g
Fat Total 3.4g
  Saturated 0.5g
Carbohydrates Total 49g
  Sugars 41g
Fibre   19.1g
Sodium   <1mg
Potassium   1500mg
Phosphorus   220mg
Calcium   24mg
Iron   3.1mg
Vitamin C   9.2mg

Source: Australian Government National
Measurement Institute test results.

The Perfect Place to Plant

There are more than 90,000 vines planted on the farm which is at approx. 2500 metres above sea level. All of the natural vegetation of the area is maintained under a strict organic environmental policy and respect for nature.



The cool year round temperatures which remain reasonably constant are ideal. There is continuous water available for irrigation and there are wells and reservoirs for water conservation and re-circulation.

Everything is managed so the Incaberries are of the highest quality possible.

the farm

The Seed Plot

Where the ‘Baby Incaberries ’ are incubated
Once inside the climate and environmentally controlled chamber with a temperature of over 25 degrees Celsius, the process of manual maceration is initiated. The pulp of the mother Incaberries is bathed in a container with water and lemon juice (which is a natural disinfectant), until the seeds separate and descend by their own weight to the bottom of the container.

seed plot

A Fundamental and delicate process

The seeds are dried and then go through a bacterial and fungicidal treatment. Once again they are dried, this time under shade on absorbent paper and will be closely monitored for the next 8 days. The seeds are then ready for planting in germination pods with a special mix of organic peat. At this early germination stage, the pods are placed under shade and kept for a further 12 days. New life beings and new Incaberry vines are about to be born.


To the Field Area

After the meticulous 6 week incubation process an anaerobic decomposition of the compost is performed, biologically degraded so that there is no risk of contamination. This fertilizer is then mixed in with the soil and the site is prepared to receive the plants. Plantation begins and the new plants will be nourished throughout their growth cycle to produce this exquisite fruit that will be tasted around the world.


Absolute care


It is important to note the farms are kept under a strict phytosanitary control to naturally eliminate pests, insects, bacteria and fungi. Corrective actions are applied to neutralise the PH of the soil and to improve the chemistry and physiology of the plants.

The Harvest

After five months of pruning, growing and taking care through minimum intervention farming practices, the organic berries will be ready for harvest. Harvesting of the Incaberries when they are ripe is performed by hand with care and attention to quality.


dried incaberries


Once harvested the organic Incaberries are transferred to the post-harvest warehouse, sorted and then taken to the plant for finished product development.

All stages of harvesting and processing is very labour intensive, so all workers are treated respectfully and fairly under governing labour laws.

The diamond must be Polished

Once harvested the Incaberries are processed under strict conditions and controls including ISO9001, HACCP and BRC certifications. Under these controls there are three main processes that are carried out:

  • bullet  Incaberries selected to be sold locally as fresh berries are washed and cleansed, pealed, selected, graded and packed.
  • bullet  Only the premium quality Incaberries are selected for drying through dehydration.

chocolate incaberries

  • bullet  These are cleansed, pealed, selected, graded and then dried.
  • bullet  Once dried, they are graded and selected again, inspected and certified, then packed for distribution and shipping to selected markets to be consumed as a healthy and exclusive dried fruit.


Finished Products

All the Incaberry products are produced using the highest quality standards and packaging. You will be consuming dried Incaberries that have been cared for from the very beginning as seedlings right through to our highest quality finished products. There are no supply issues with our dried Incaberries as there is no seasonal crop production. Our Incaberries are constantly produced with freshly harvested fruit available on a regular basis throughout the year. As demand grows, more will easily be planted. We take great pride in our Incaberries which have Organic, GAP and Halal Certifications in addition to ISO9001, HACCP and BRC third-party independent certifications.

dried incaberries


We have the ability to offer year round stable pricing (except for large exchange rate movements. This pricing policy provides the opportunity to prepare long term R&D and marketing plans and gives confidence to manufacturers, packers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

Our Incaberry production, supply and pricing is stable, consistent and dependable.

fresh berries

Taking care of the Environment

The farms are located in an area where great amounts of virgin forest surround them which provides the ideal soil and growing conditions. The farming practices are based on conservation and protection of the region. Working with responsible environmental management, including recycling, using ecological machinery, and maintaining a

planting policy, allows the preservation of the fantastic environment that Incaberries have been blessed with.

The impressive Cotopaxi volcano creates a magical landscape and it motivates all involved to take care of the wonderful place in which they work.

100% Organic The Perfect Product and Other Forms

The organic fruit is certified by BCS and Bio Suisse and fulfills international norms of organic agriculture.

GB Commtrade was the first company to import 100% certified organic dried Incaberries into Australia.

Incaberries are now available as -

  • bullet  Organic Natural
  • bullet  Conventional all natural
  • bullet  Lightly Sweetened
  • bullet  Juice Infused Incaberries


All production processes are governed under international quality systems from the farming practices right through to the packaging of finished goods.

The crop is also certified by Global GAP to guarantee the quality of the organic Incaberries. The processing and management is conducted in accordance with the HACCP, Organic, BRC and ISO Certifications and principals.

Nutritional Information


fibre chart

* Source: Australian Government National
Measurement Institute test results.

pdfThe full Australian Government National Measure Institute nutritional information
pdfIntroduction and Nutritional information fact sheet
pdfAustralian Government National Measurement test results for Orac, Protein and Pesticide tests

Nutrients in Incaberries
Nutrient Average quantities per ¼ cup (45g) serve Average quantities per 100g serve
Energy (kJ) 549 1220
Protein (g) 3.3 7.3
Carbohydrate total (g) 22 49
Sugars total  (g) 18.5 41
Fibre total (g) 8  (27% RDI) 19.1  (64% RDI)
Fibre soluble (g) 1.8 4
Total fat (g) 1.5 3.4
Saturated fat (g) <0.2 <1
Vitamin C (mg) 4.5  (10% RDI) 9   (20% RDI)
Sodium (mg) <0.5 <1
Potassium (mg) 675  (18% RDI) 1500  (40% RDI)
Phosphorus (mg) 99  (10% RDI) 220   (22% RDI)
ORAC (umolTE)# 1743 3874
Gluten 0 0

Source: Australian Government National
Measurement Institute test results.

Consumer information

Prepare for a berry battle. Put aside those unpleasant tasting gojiberries or bran flakes, finally there's a super berry with a super taste. We are accustomed to sacrificing flavour and enjoyment for improved health and wellbeing. This is no longer the case with plump, sweet, naturally nutrient rich Incaberries

pdfThe full Australian Government National Measure Institute nutritional information
pdfIntroduction and Nutritional information fact sheet
pdfAustralian Government National Measurement test results for Orac, Protein and Pesticide tests

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A few tips on how to include Incaberries in your healthy diet

  • Add to yoghurts, cereals and muesli for breakfast
  • Soak in juice or water overnight and blend in to your smoothie
  • Enjoy a handful to keep you satisfied in between meals
  • Add to your favourite nut & fruit mixes to enhance the flavour
  • Add Incaberries to your salads for something new and exciting
  • Use in place of sultanas, raisins, gojiberries or blueberries in any recipe
  • Use on cheese platters. Incaberries compliment cheeses of all kinds
  • Make an Incaberry paste (see website) and spread on cheese & crackers
  • Use in your casseroles, stews, curries, soups and include in stuffings
  • Use in place of sour cherries for something new and special
  • Snack on nutritious Incaberries instead of chips, biscuits or muffins
  • Chocolate coated in milk chocolate or the healthy 70% cocoa dark
  • Try them in breads, cakes, scones, muffins, slices and biscuits
  • This year try them in your Christmas cake and puddings
  • Sensational with chocolate. Try them in anything with chocolate, in slices, fudges, brownies, tortes, cakes, pastries and desserts
  • Make them into amazing jams, pastes and chutneys
  • Great cooked in your main meals in place of other dried fruits
  • Have a look at the recipe page for some ideas !


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